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The 10-output alarm and shut off feature can be utilized to achieve an ultra efficient and highly advanced building management.


Each channel can be adjusted to have its own preset acceleration level which can trigger automatic switch off for utilities such as elevators, LPG lines, electricity ines, water lines, automatic doors, airconditioning cooling towers, etc, to prevent secondary disasters as well as take care of of your important and sensitive equipment. 


The seismic monitor can also be connected to the building's BMS and FDAS.


The machine can also activate pre-recorded voice commands to guide and assure tenants during emergency situations utilizing the building's Public Announcement System.




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Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

Metro Manila, Philippines 1100

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Kuretoishi Building, F4, 2-1-5 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku,

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Our Completed  Projects

Located in the heart of Manila’s most vibrant commercial and entertainment center, Bonifacio Global City, Grand Hyatt Manila is near High Street, The Fort Strip and key shopping, business and entertainment districts.  Grand Hyatt Manila will be housed in the top 25 floors of the soon-to-be-iconic MetroBank Financial Center, the tallest building in the Philippines at a height of 318 m (1,043 ft).  This luxury hotel in Manila presents an abundance of multicultural opportunities, while offering guests the ideal location for taking in spectacular city views and marveling at one of Asia’s most vibrant cities.

The five-star hotel in Manila features 461 luxurious guestrooms, including 52 luxuriously appointed suites, all complete with floor-to-ceiling windows offering unobstructed panoramic views of the Makati skyline or Manila Bay.  Just one step into the hotel’s lobby reveals the extraordinary grandeur of this stunning hotel.  The entertainment complex on the hotel’s top floors features dining and drinks, live music and panoramic views of the city.

8th Avenue, Veritown Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Manila, Philippines, 1634



Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila, is a landmark, mixed-use development in the heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC), an emerging contemporary lifestyle district at the centre of Metro Manila and one of the fastest growing urban developments in Asia. It features Shangri-La Hotel and Residences; Horizon Homes, a collection of distinct homes situated on the top floors with unhampered views of the metropolis; retail shops; and Kerry Sports Manila, a comprehensive lifestyle and leisure club.

Rising 250 metres high, Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila, will be one of the tallest towers in the Philippines and is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold-certified green development, committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard of sustainable design.

The development’s location reflects a contemporary lifestyle, comprising a colourful eclectic matrix of state-of the-art office buildings, high-rise residences, upmarket retail brands, activity areas and expansive green spaces. Within easy reach are the international airport, international schools, embassies, a world-class medical facility, the Manila Golf Club and the Manila Polo Club.


Bonifacio Global City


Makati City


Greenhills, San Juan


North EDSA, Quezon City


Bonifacio Global City


C5 Pasig City


Head Office, Manila


Taft Avenue, Manila


& Articles

National Convention of Building Officials of the Philippines

(PABO – Philippine Association of Building Officials)

Los Banos, Laguna

National Building & Property Management Summit & Expo 2016

September 22-24, 2016

SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines

21st World Building & Construction Exposition

WORLDBEX March 16-20, 2016

World Trade Center Manila

Ayala Corporation Sustainability Report Conference

Intercontinental Hotel

November 2015. 

IMV Corporation and Infinity One participated in the Ayala Corporation Sustainability Report Conference. The conference was attended by all companies under the Ayala Group of Companies. IMV was invited by Ayala Corporation and sent by the Japanese Government to share to the Philippines existing technologies being used in Japan for Earthquake preparedness. IMV was the only corporation in the seismic technology business that was invited in the said conference.

Department of Public Works and Highways Central Office

Actual Demonstration of IMV Seismic Accelerograph to Building Officials of Metro Manila

July 2015

IMV Corporation Received an Appreciation Letter from
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
TUV SUD America and IMV Corporation Japan
Announce Cooperation Agreement
Global Leader in Vibration Test Systems Inks Deal with 
Kelly Space & Technology, Inc. for
Strategic Cooperation

JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph

Essential Features and Specifications

Provides Real Time Data of Ground Movement Acceleration, Seismic Intensity Scale and SI Value - Velocity Response Spectrum. Continuous Monitoring and Recording.
Tri-Axial Servo Type Sensor - providing you with the most accurate and highly reliable sensor technology in Seismic monitoring. High precision. No Noise. No False Alarm. 
3 Directions. X, Y, Z Axis
10-Output Alarm and Shut-Off Mechanism. Each Alarm Channel can have an individual setting or trigger level to be used to activate external alarms such as Fire Alarm Systems, Sirens, Public Announcement Systems, Building Management Systems and used to shut off Elevators, Electricity Lines, Water Lines, Fire doors, Airconditioning Cooling Towers and other important equipment. Minimizing damages to our properties and investments. 

JPN-1052 is IP67 Waterproof

Internal Alarm (Visual + Audible) - There is a loud buzzer and the display panel changes colors depending on the strength of the Earthquake. 
Back-up Internal Battery in the event that there is power interruption.
To continuously record aftershocks and allow people to access the recorded data. 
Equipped with Fault Detection Alarm System, alerting you if there is abnormality or irregularities in the machine

Ergonomic design and made of the highest quality materials

A Sample Reading from the Touch Screen Panel after an Earthquake. Real Time Acceleration + Real Time Intensity Scale. Screen changes its color depending on the level of the Earthquake. Internal audible alarm will also activate depending on trigger settings.
Control of Emergency Shutdown Valve
Secure Safety

Importance of Structural Historical Data

SI Value - Velocity Response Spectrum

Seismic Intensity Scale


Unit to express the acceleration of earthquake is *Gal. 980Gal=980cm/s2≒1G. So called "Mega-earthquake" once occured in Japan; Hanshin, Chuetsu and Tohoku recorded the waveform of more than 1000Gal and it was clear that the acceleration was bigger than a gravitational cceleration (1G) generated in these quakes.


Unit of acceleration, 1Gal=1cm/s2, and widely used in the field of seismology.
"Gal" is categorized as non SI (international unit) with limitation. However, it is allowed to be used freely in gravitational acceleration or arthquake related matters.


Magnitude is the measure of an earthquake size from the focus. Generally, the deeper and larger the magnitude is, the more the vibration spreads.

Intelligent Stand-Alone Seismic Accelerograph. JPN-1052 doesn't use a computer for the equipment to be operational. Highly Advanced and Intelligent, yet simple to operate. That's the Japanese Way. 
Touch Screen Colored Earthquake Information Display Panel to allow easy access of Historical Data, Settings, etc, anytime you need to.
Established in Japan in 1957, we have been providing the world with 60 years of our expertise. When it comes to vibration and seismic technology, we are the only brand trusted by thousands of big corporations and entities all over the world. This is what we do, and this is what we are known for. Our name, our workmanship and our story can speak for our products. We provide you with products you can always depend on, and service you are assured of.
Our brand is your security.

Japan Quality Assurance Organization

Global Leader in

Vibration Technology

JPN-1052 by IMV

Seismic Accelerograph

IMV Seismic Monitoring System Video



JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph was developed and manufactured in accordance with the Department of Public Works and Highways' Standards and Specifications


JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph continuously monitors and records ground movement. It has a Tri-Axial Servo-Type Sensor, the most advanced, most precise and most reliable sensor available in the market. The machine gives out and records real time Ground Movement Acceleration values in units of Gal, real time Modified Mercalli Seismic Intensity and SI Value - Velocity Response Spectrum.


Measuring invisible vibration. Most vibrations can't be seen by the human eye. IMV develops our own sensors to continuously measure and monitor vibrations and movements to safeguard structures, equipment, assets, investments and most importantly - people.  


The machine provides immediate alarm annunciation to ensure that the building occupants can be moved to safety, it is used to set off alarms at specifed ground movement levels.


The use of this equipment eliminates unnecessary evacuation during earthquake events. It also assures people that the structure is safe and there is no need to panic.  


JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph

Keeping you safe Before, During & After Earthquakes

There will be a devastating Earthquake to hit the Philippines. According to a JICA Study, there will be more than 40,000 casualties, more than 200,000 injured victims, more than 100,000 buildings and structures will be damaged and

billions of pesos will be lost.

It is not an issue of "if", but "when". 


The question is, if you are ready for this.


The Philippines is a highly seismic country.

Our economic welfare is concentrated in very few

highly populated areas. We experience more than 10,000

earthquakes every year. Most earthquakes are very small and do not impact us at all. But now and then there are big ones, and then every number of years there are really devastating earthquakes..

We expect a major quake will hit our beautiful country sometime in the next 10 years. In order to reduce the loss of life and protect our economic investments during an earthquake, it is essential to install advanced stand-alone warning systems.

People freeze during an earthquake. They cannot take quick and essential decisions. They panic. Taking control or command is hard, if not, impossible. Immediate intervention and action is vital to prevent secondary disasters. With real-time warning systems we can automatically stop critical equipment, guide people for safety and inform public about the situation.


There is an available technology to provide you with

these solutions. Ask us to learn more about

IMV JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph. 


JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph continuously monitors and records all ground movement in relation to the structural integrity of a building, thus giving you essential, specific and actual data which a designated professional can use in his/her analysis and evaluation of the structure after any earthquake or ground movement event. 


This provides faster evaluations to allow quicker decisions by stakeholders and persons-in-charge after major earthquake events. 

JPN-1052 is the most reliable, highly precise and most in demand
Seismic Accelerograph in the Philippines. 
The whole equipment, all parts and components are made, assembled, tested and certified in Japan. 

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